Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kutch Work Peacock

My peacock is ready now. Although the kutch work is finished earlier, i have to finish the other parts. First, I thought of doing it in stem or outline stitch. But finally worked it in satin, long and short, herringbone and magical chain stitches.... Here is my peacock.. Have a look..........

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NILAVU - a Movie by Ajith Nair

Movie          : NILAVU
Production  : NewSky Productions
Direction     : Ajith Nair
Starrring      : Haridas & Sunitha Nedungadi

The magic of Nilavu is woven around the lives of Hari and Lakshmi and the solitude that brings them together, each searching for an emotional anchor. How their relationship evolves and where it leads to forms the core of Nilavu's journey, exploring human emotions and the different shades of love, perception and belief.

Nilavu is produced by Krishnan Haridas and Ajith Nair for NewSky productions and is directed by Ajith Nair. The movie scripted by Ajith Nair has been filmed in the Kingdom of Bahrain as well as in Kerala, India with a cast of newcomers.

Songs & Links

Title Song

Ariyathe Onnum Parayathe - Singer - G.Venugopal

Ravil Nila Mazha Keezhil-  Singer- K.S.Chitra

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kutch Work in Progress....

I got a lovely Kutch work design from a design book which my friend bought for me. It is a peacock design.... I was not so confident to do it.. So I started doing it on a piece of white century cotton cloth. I plan to use it as a hand kerchief.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Now, I have four kittens in my balcony. This is the 4th time, the mama pussy's delivery happens in my balcony where I keep gas cylinders and unused things. It seems to be a safe place for the pussy to deliver her kids. Anyway, my kids Alan and Helen are enjoying the activities of  the kittens. It is a pleasure for me too when I see their excitement...The mama  pussy seems to be so cool to leave her kittens in my flat's balcony....