Monday, November 22, 2010

Wadi Dayqah Dam, Quriyat, Sultanate of Oman

During Eid Holidays, we went to Wadi Dayqah dam in Quriyat. It is 60km southeast of Muscat. It was a wonderful trip.
Wadi Dayqah Dam, Quriyat

Length : 390 metre
Height : 73.6 metres
Storage Capacity :  100 million cubic metre
Water from the dam will be useful for villages down the wadi stream for agricultural purposes and for drinking and domestic purposes in Qurayat and Muscat Governorate.

It is the biggest dam in the Gulf region so far whose construction was completed last year. The official inauguration of the dam is not done till date. Beautification works are in progress like gardens, coffee shop and  viewers gallery. It is heard that the inauguration of the project is planned this year as part of  40th anniversary celebrations of Oman.

When the tropical Cyclone Phet hit Oman in  June 2010 , this dam was filled in 12 hours and  created an awesome waterfall display. When the Cyclone Gonu hit Oman three years ago, the dam was rapidly filled and overflowed six metres above the crest with a thunderous roar which lasted for several hours. On the third day of the Gonu, the height of the water level reduced and the hundreds of people visited the dam to witness the magnificent  falls.

World’s leading dam building specialists – VINCI  of France and Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) undertook the Wadi Dayqah dam project on behalf of the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources. There is also a Saddle Dam built which is 48 metre in height and a crest length of around  360metres.

The main objective of the project is to catch the floodwaters that would otherwise be lost to the sea, and to use this resource for groundwater recharge, local irrigation, and even potable water supply at a future stage. Further, by retaining the wadi flows, whose lethal power is well-known, the project will also contribute to flood prevention downstream of the wadi.
Shallow waters of Wadi Dayqah in Mazara

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Nice Little Poem

I got a mail from one of my friends. It was a nice little poem. It says a lot of things. Please stop for a moment and go through it. If u have five more minutes to spend, try to to 'feel' the poem.

Wish I can go back to the time when "Innocence" was "Natural"

When "Dad" was the only "Hero''

When "Love" was "Mom's hug"

When "Dad's shoulder" was the "The highest place on earth"

When the only thing that could "Hurt" were "Bleeding knees"

When the only things "Broken" were "Toys"

When "Getting high" meant "On a swing",

When "Drinking" meant "Horlicks in watermilk"

and when "Goodbyes" only meant "Till tomorrow"!

Life has changed a lot, isn’t it?. It was perhaps much simpler when

Apple and Blackberry were ….. just fruits

Have a Nice Day....