Saturday, December 22, 2012

Star Center Ruffles Doily

After my last vacation during July-August, I was really feeling bad for not touching my crochet needles and threads.  I collected some crochet threads via Pradhan Embroidery Stores, Mumbai. I ordered the threads through their Facebook  page and they sent me the yarns through Speed Post. I got the threads on the third day of my order. Their service was excellent.

Anyway, I came out of the laziness by the end of October. Did  two crocheted doilies for Christmas. The first one is the Star Center Ruffles Doily. The pattern is from Nima's blog.

Star Center Ruffles Doily
Thread : Size 10 crochet thread
Hook : 1 mm steel hook
420 Red beads
Star Center Ruffles Doily - Close up
The beading part was comparatively easy for me. Scatter the beads on any flat surface.  Use a beading needle. If you use the normal one, the beads should pass through the needle's eye smoothly. Thread the needle using normal sewing thread. Loop it through the crochet thread. Start beading.  With a soft touch of needle tip on the bead's hole, it easily jumps and places on the needle. To speed up, you may use your other hand's index finger to slightly push the just added bead on the needle.

After placing 8-10 beads, drag  them down to the crochet thread.  Count the the number of beads in one inch of thread. Then calculate the length of  beaded thread for the required amount of beads. Eg: This pattern needs 420 beads.There are 20 beads in one inch of beaded thread. So 420/20=21". Bead the crochet thread for the calculated length. You may add few extra beads for your peace of mind, if necessary.The advantage - no need of counting beads. Enjoy beading...

See you next time......

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