Sunday, October 24, 2010

Animal World

Yesterday we went to Marah Land in Qurum to see the 'Russian & Egyptian Circus'. It was their resting day and there was no show at all. Kids were not in a good mood knowing the fact. So we just went to the shop 'Animal World' in Al-Araimi Complex, Qurum area. The shop is in the basement floor of the complex. We went to the shop for the first time. Surely not for any purchase. There are many aquariums, fishes, animals,  birds and their accessories for sale. I took some snaps using my phone. Picture quality is not so good. 

Afrcan Grey Parrots

These two names I noted well. There is a reason for that. The Macaw- it's cost is 900 Riyals (more than 1 Lakh INR ) and the Afrrican parrot's rage is 350 Riyals( around 40,000 INR). The Macaws are beautiful, brilliantly coloured members of the parrot family.  

The African Grey Parrots are also big in size, strong and grey coloured.

so... cute....
Anyway, kids enjoyed well watching all these... and they returned home happily. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Payyannur Pavithra Mothiram

Payyannur Pavithra Mothiram
Payyannur Pavithra Mothiram is considered to be a sacred ornament. It is worn on the ring finger of the right hand reminding the 'Darbha' grass ring worn on the right hand's ring finger during holy rituals of Hindu tradition.  It is strongly believed that this ring will bring luck and grace to those who wear it with great devotion.  To get the original grace of the ring, one has to be self desciplined. The one who wears this ring must be pure vegetarian and should avoid alcohol and immoral activities.  For women, they have to remove the ring during the period of menstruation. The makers of this sacred ring assure that there is a tradition of  having special poojas in Payyannur Subhaymanya Swami Temple before it is handed over to the customer.

I have two links to suggest to know more about the Payyannur Pavithra Mothiram.


Many people used to wear it as a part of fashion also. That type of  'Pavithrakettu' rings and bangles are available with many jewellers. But the beauty of the real Pavithra Work - it is a monopoly of  goldsmiths of Payyanur area.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fire in Al Asfoor Furnishing LLC, Wadi Kabir, Muscat

A massive fire broke out in Al Asfoor building in Wadi Kabir around 10pm on Friday (8th October, 2010) night. The carpentry workshop of Al Alasfoor Furnishing LLC was caught fire.  It  is believed that substantial quantities of plywood and other furniture material were stored in the workshop. No casualities were reported, it seems. Details of the damages are not officially available till time. Eye witness said that there is smoke even in the morning. 

We are staying nearly 2 kms away from the location and we could see the smoke and glow from our building. It was really a frightening scene for me. It took more than one and half hours to control the fire... 
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Rainbow Roses

I was wondered to know about Rainbow Roses....

Rainbow Roses
The 'Happy Flowers' were designed by Peter Van de Werken- a Dutch business man who dyes each bloom in the colours of the rainbow. The dyes produced from natural plant extracts are absorbed by the flowers as they grow. They were selling single coloured flowers as others  in the beginning of their business. As a part of improving the business, he and his colleagues were trying to do something different, which ended up in the idea of having multi-coloured flowers. For ordering these flowers, you may visit