Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kutchwork Tutorial - The Basic Diamond

We are going to do the basic diamond in kutch work.
Fix the fabric in the embroidery frame. Thread the needle.  

Points to remember 
1. Always keep the thread under the needle while outlining the basic diamond.
2. Rotate the frame during each step to make outline stitching more comfortable.
Bring up the needle at 1. Insert at 2 and bring it up at 3. 
While outlining the basic diamond, always keep the thread under the needle, 
as shown in the picture. (First side is formed)

Notice that I rotated the frame before doing the next step.
Hold the frame and needle in such a manner that the needle eye is pointing towards you.
Insert at 4 and bring it up at 5, again keeping the thread under the needle.
 (Second side of the motif)

Insert the needle at 6 and bring it up at 7. (The frame is rotated and needle under the thread)
 (Third side of the motif is formed)

Insert  the needle at 8 and pull it down.

The outline is formed now.

Points to remember 
1. The thread always moves in a 'U' pattern.
2. Interlacing is done in an OVER-UNDER-OVER-UNDER manner.
3. Unless at the beginning and end, never pierce the  fabric.
4. Do not tighten the interlacing thread too much.
Now the weaving or interlacing begins.
Bring up the needle at the outer corner of the first intersection.
While interlacing, the thread always moves in a 'U' manner. If you keep this point in mind, 
you can easily determine where the thread is to be passed in the next step.

The working thread is taken OVER the underlying thread. Pass the  needle under the thread (ie; 1-2).
Care should be taken not to pluck the fabric.
First was OVER the thread. Here it is UNDER the thread.
Keep in mind that interlacing is done as OVER-UNDER-OVER-UNDER.
While interlacing... you can simply sing it.

Again OVER(5-6) and UNDER 7. Notice that every time the frame is rotated.
You are going to do this repeatedly while doing the kutchwork.

OVER 6 and UNDER (7-8)


OVER 4 and under (5-6)


OVER 2 and UNDER (3-4)

You can see two threads inside the outline now.
Take care. At this point, we can't bypass it without weaving.
So pass the needle UNDER as shown in the picture. OVER (8-7) thread.

When you become more familiar with the technique,
you can do the last two steps as a single one as shown in the above picture.
ie;  UNDER (3-4), OVER the first interlacing thread and UNDER the second interlacing thread.

Now UNDER 1 and pull the needle up.

Insert the needle down at the point, where you began interlacing.

Interlacing is over. Basic diamond is formed.

Backside of the work.
During interlacing, we never insert the needle anywhere into the fabric,
except in the beginning and the end. (both are at same point)

We did a comparitively bigger motif. when you are thorough with the outlining and interlacing, try the same on smaller motifs. Then, no need of drawing the outward extension of each side. you may draw just single squares. The picture below shows working on a smaller basic motif.

Do few basic motifs with the help of this tutorial. Then make it thorough with practicing more and more before moving on to the next session the 5 diamond motif. If you are thorough with this session, I hope that will be so simple for you....

Happy Kutchworking.....


  1. do u know how many times I tried learning this technique, for some strange reason I find this one extremely difficult!
    after seeing this post, tempting me to try once again..

  2. Ninu, you try to learn through this tutorial. Just try... Let us see the result.


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