Monday, August 30, 2010

Pink Linen Pillow Cover

This is my second work on a pillow cover. I bought linen material from a shop in Ruwi and stitched two pillow covers to do embroidery. Only the first one I completed. It was a long process. I got the design from net. It was consisting only a horizontal border. I made it as a corner design by arranging it horizontally and vertically by joining the two stems at a point. Simple!

And here is the completed work.

For stems, I used stem stitch. Leaves done in fishbone stitch and the buds with network outlined with outline stitch.  Network I learned from LAKSHMI's

Beginner's Hand Embroidery

This is my first hand embroidery work which I did on an off white pillow cover....

Cute birds on off white pillow cover

Bird on the left side

Bird on the right side
I got the design from internet. I used stem, chain, outline, lazy daisy & back stitches to complete each small bird. It was a simple work. But took 2-3 days to complete.