Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Glorious Pineapple Doily

I did a glorious pineapple doily this week. This is my  first pineapple doily.  An easy and interesting pattern. Pattern link is here. Used knitting thread size 20 with 2mm steel hook.
Glorious Pineapple Doily
My daughter 'helped' me a lot while  doing this pattern. She used to sit by my side and talk continuously about all those things happened in her school, about her teacher,  friends....  I have to give an ear to that and the  effect was I will be doing 3 rounds and will be going back to the first round again to correct the mistakes...Finally I finished this doily when she was in school... She is a wonderful naughty kid. 

I finished a larger hipster doily too.... It is an enlarged version of this Hipster Doilies which I have done earlier... One of my first attempts... I like doing hipster doily pattern.... Here is the pattern link.
Large Hipster Doily
See you next time.....