Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Nice Little Poem

I got a mail from one of my friends. It was a nice little poem. It says a lot of things. Please stop for a moment and go through it. If u have five more minutes to spend, try to to 'feel' the poem.

Wish I can go back to the time when "Innocence" was "Natural"

When "Dad" was the only "Hero''

When "Love" was "Mom's hug"

When "Dad's shoulder" was the "The highest place on earth"

When the only thing that could "Hurt" were "Bleeding knees"

When the only things "Broken" were "Toys"

When "Getting high" meant "On a swing",

When "Drinking" meant "Horlicks in watermilk"

and when "Goodbyes" only meant "Till tomorrow"!

Life has changed a lot, isn’t it?. It was perhaps much simpler when

Apple and Blackberry were ….. just fruits

Have a Nice Day....


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