Sunday, January 16, 2011

Logos Hope in Muscat (14-19th January, 2011)

Logos Hope
It's the world' largest floating book fair. The Logos Hope reached Muscat on 14th  January  evening and opened its decks to the  public on 15th.  Dirk Colenbrander is the captain of the ship. The 400 crew members of the ship are volutneers from different countries. It is offering a selection of more than 7,000 books at affordable prices.  


Inside the book store
The book prices are counted in units. Here in oman, 100 units mean 1 Omani Riayl. Free entry to the ship for children under 16 years. The books on differenct subjects are available. These include books for university studies, professional and career interests, history, science, economics, language learning, hobbies, novels, children’s stories, biographies, dictionaries, atlases and a wide variety of Christian resources, including Bibles, study materials and books on Christian living. And of course for children, Logos Hope brings a lot of enthusiasm.

Warm welcome...

How is this?

Papers, Crayons, Beads etc....

International Cafe inside Logos Hope
Logos Hope will be in Muscat till Jan 19th 2011 evening. The future destinations are Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha & Manama.


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