Sunday, February 6, 2011

Crochet Fever...

During last week, we (me and my friend)  were in great enthusiasm thinking about learning Crochet. I tried knitting first, but lack of helping hands forced me to drop the idea. After dreaming of crochet for more than few months, we did some shopping to collect the essentials for crochet practice from the Mazoon Shopping Complex  in Ruwi. We bought some threads and crochet needles from there. Though we had a little knowledge about the materials needed, the shopper also helped us to choose the things. He might have thought of us mad, when he came to know that we are going to learn crochet and buying all these things.... No problem... we are ready to try Crochet... The main strength behind this thought is that we will get enough support from Nima & Ninu Jacob and also can make use of various video tutorials available in different websites and Youtube.

Anyway, there is nothing in having a trial. If it is success, we will continue doing it.  When I tried the chains and slip stitch,  I was greedy to do the Granny Square. And after some trials, the attempt was successful. Above is my first Granny Square.....There may be mistakes, but can improve...
Granny Square

Few more rows added...
Crocheting Circles


  1. Jisha, Lovely attempt..

    You can use aluminium hooks with this yarn. so when you make a blanket or something big that is better....I heard hadramy im hamriya stocks aluminium hooks...with the thickness of this yarn, steal hook stitches make it tighter...Steel hook is perfect for threads.

  2. Thanks for the information, Chechy. In Mazoon, Aluminium hooks were not available. Bought some Pearl Cotton #10 from there. Will try to find out the location of this 'hadramy' shop.

  3. aha..found your blog!! You never activated your profile while commenting in mine,so couldn't view it till now.
    Great start!!Keep trying :)

  4. Thanks for the encouragement..... Deepa.

  5. Just saw this post! and you are doing well! and I am also not an expert in Crochet.. but its sure fun! Happy crocheting! please enable ur email so that I can reply u via mail too


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