Monday, October 10, 2011

Winter Breath and Spiral Simplicity Doilies

At last, I blocked my first set of doilies yesterday. I did both of them before the summer holidays. ie; in August.  I did this Winter Breath Doily first. The stitches are little loose for the first few rounds. I used Ecru/off-white for both of the doilies.
Winter Breath Doily
This is the second experiment with Ecru/off-white. The Spiral Simplicity Doily.
Spiral Simplicity Doily
Following is a scene from my first adventurous blocking trial.


  1. wow...that looks lovely jisha...great attempt

  2. good doilies, hope you enjoyed blocking process!

  3. Nima & Ninu.. Thanks for your encouragement...

  4. Hi
    Came here from Nima's Blog.Pretty doilies, lovely blog too.
    I made the Winter breath doily before when I 'd first started crocheting.I gave it away (foolishly!) and had forgotten it completely! seeing yours, reminded me of it :)

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog Pearlin. I've already visited your site few times through Nima's. I was also planning to gift this doily to a friend of mine who celebrated her birthday yesterday. But my 'self' prevented me from doing so. I may gift it away after few days/months... But not now... It is my first blocked doily. So precious for me...

  6. Beautiful one. I liked the winter breath doily the most.


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