Monday, January 30, 2012

Makeover Dress I (T shirt & Shirt to Frock)

Nowadays, my mind doesn't concentrate on just one thing. It's roaming around. In the first week of January, we had a short visit to our hometown just for 11 days. After coming back to Muscat, there were lot of things to do.... Little ones missed one week classes after the winter vacation. On 24th January, my daughter  Helen celebrated her 6th birthday... January is passing so fast...... 

My daughter's two year old Tshirt became short in length. She is very fond of that red T shirt. Although she wears it at home, she is not ready to give it up. I was planning to do something with that T shirt. So I used an old shirt of my husband to makeover the red T shirt into a frock. 
The red T shirt &  shirt (sleeves and collar removed)
I cut the shirt below the armhole to get enough length, removed the pocket and then stitched the front portion (plackets) to close the opening without removing the buttons. Then attached  this piece to the bottom of the red T shirt as we do in normal pleated frocks. Took two heart shaped pieces from the shirt's material and tried to do some applique using my sewing machine. It ended up as a disaster. 

Anyway, the final outcome is shown below... Almost satisfactory.... Helen is very very happy for her mother saved her T shirt. And more than that, she is very fond of wearing her father's T shirts & shirts. That's another reason for her extra happiness........
T shirt + shirt = Frock....

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  1. Jisha...brilliant idea...great attempt..

  2. Brilliant...magnificient..applique needs practice,so don't bother about it being a disaster..the final outcome is what matters.

  3. great idea Jisha, and kudos for trying it out..


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