Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cutie Pie Doily

Here is my Cutie pie doilies in size 10 crochet thread. There is a long story behind these doilies. Few months ago, I did a cutie pie doily with this thread. Then tried to add few more rounds to it. Added 10 more rounds but it was not so satisfactory. I removed all of the extra rounds added. 

Another day, may little brats removed all rounds of the above said cutie pie and rolled the thread nicely into a ball and gave it to me. I gave up the plan of doing it again. Last week when the thread ball came  into my hands again, I decided to try the cutie pie doily.

Cutie Pie Doilies
After finishing the doily, I felt like it was small in size. It was because that I used 1.5mm hook instead of the 1.75mm hook and missed one round in between. I realized it after weaving the ends. So did one more with 1.75mm hook. Don't want to feel guilty again for a cutie pie...

Pattern :

See you next time...

J i s h a


  1. jisha ..ur cutie pie is looking sooo cute...

  2. cute cutie pie. Im not yet tired trying this pattern.

  3. Really cute ones. I haven't made a doily for a long time. This time when I go home for vacation I will take some thread along and try making some doilies.


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