Monday, June 18, 2012

Pinwheel Doily

          Nothing more creative happened this month. My mind is more into sewing. Successfully stitched one churidar set for me.  Needs more perfection for the sleeves it seems. Will be trying another set  soon. Before going on summer vacation in July-August, there is a long to-do list with me. Have to work hard to complete it before leaving. 

          I did one pinwheel doily last month. Did a pinwheel for the first time. Interesting pattern.. Like that swirl in the middle. Wish to do more swirls when I come back after the holidays... 

Pinwheel Doily
Pattern :  Pinwheel Doily
Thread : Anchor knitting thread
Hook   : 2mm
See you next time...

J i s h a


  1. this pattern is quite addictive right?

    1. Yes Ninu.. There are many patterns available... But this particular one has something spl in it..


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