Monday, April 11, 2011

Grape Squash

Surely, you  are going to be an addict of this grape squash recipe. It is good for health. Especially for kids. 

Ingradients :

      Seedless black grapes   - 1kg
      Sugar                            - 1kg
      Citric acid                     - 1 tsp

Cook covered. After boiling, keep the flame on simmer for 10 more minutes.

Prepare sugar syrup. In a vessel take sugar, add water till the heaped sugar level. Keep the flame on low. Stir in between. When sugar syrup boils, makes sure that the sugar is well dissolved. Let it boil for 1 more minute or till it reaches slight thicker consistency. 

Allow it to cool. Grape squash is ready. 
Transfer it to air tight bottles and refrigerate. 
You may add few ice cubes while serving. 
It is also very tasty when we use  soda instead of water. 


  1. I also make grape squash the same way!!great effort u made by taking all those pictures!

  2. Hi, this seems to be quite easy. My son loves grapes. I will try it sometime.

  3. i will try but can it be done with green grapes...

  4. I never tried that. Have to experiment on that...

  5. your recipes are all great Jisha.. i was going thru all of them and bookmarked a few .. you have motivated me to make some fish pickle soon:).. congrats. keep going!:)


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