Friday, April 8, 2011

Neeru Dosa

Last week, I soaked raw rice to make batter for Appam. But I didn't have enough quantity of grated coconut. So I kept the soaked rice in fridge and prepared Neeru Dosa in the next morning. As the name indicates, it's batter is of little  watery consistency. It is a tasty variety of 'Dosa'.

Neeru Dosa with tomato chutney

   Soaked raw rice - 1 cup
   Cooked rice - 2 tbsp
   Coconut - 3 tbsp
   Onion sliced - 1/2 of a medium one.
   Salt - to taste

Grind the ingradients well using enough water. Keep the consistency little watery. Pour the batter into a vessel. Add few drops of cooking oil and one sliced onion into the batter.  Heat a pan. Keep on medium flame. Grease the pan lightly with oil. Pour one ladle of batter in the pan (this includes the sliced onions). Don't spread the batter with the ladle. Instead, rotate the pan holding the handle so that the batter spreads uniformly to make a round shape. 

Neeru Dosa in the pan
When preparing dosa, after spreading the batter on the pan, I usually cover the pan with a lid and removes it just before turning it. When one side is done, turn it and cook for few more seconds. (I use gingelly oil for this preparation. Before turning the dosa, I sprinkle very few drops of gingelly oil on the dosa.)  Serve it hot with tomato/coconut chutney. 

Happy cooking....


  1. I love this thing,I am searching for this recipie too.. here there is a mangalore restaurant,their speciality dishes include neer dosa with chicken ghee roast..I love it..but there I dint see onions in dosa..anyway will try and let u know..

  2. Neeru dosa with chicken ghee roast... seems like great combination. I also like Neeru Dosa with thick gravy of chicken.

  3. u didnt called me to eat this special dish.....want recipe of tomato chutney.....

  4. @Maya, U were the first reader and follower of my blog. It took such a long time to receive a comment from you. Thank you... Thank you... I will surely give you the recipe.


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