Saturday, March 3, 2012

Makeover Dress II

Again, few more makeovers after my first trial. The first one is Helen's one year old T-shirt and the skirt part of her frock, she used to wear at the age of three. Combined together as a frock. Just sewed together at the waist line.
Make over dress II
I tried the raglan sleeve top for the first time. The material is from my old nighty. First trial. But turned out well, I think. My friend Maya acted as a  bulldozer force behind this creation.  The pattern idea is from this PDF file.

Again a cotton shirt of my husband turned into a frock. After sewing the Raglan sleeve top, the next day I tried this. First, I cut the sleeves from the same shirt's sleeve, but by mistake, cut it without seam allowance. Then I was searching for a suitable piece of fabric and I got the black check material from my suitcase. 
Frock with Raglan Sleeve.
See you next time....



  1. You are doing a great job with recycling your unused clothes. All those frocks are very pretty.

  2. wow..jisha well done..what a wonderful transfrmation...ur dotr must be feeling proud of u..

  3. brilliant attempt Jisha...

  4. super.... Very nice.... All the best...

  5. You are doing a wonderful job, and I love that you are recycling... I love recycling whenever I can, so good for you... thanks for visiting my blog... as I mentioned to Jennie I still visit blogs, just haven't had time to comment lately, but now that I am closing my shoppe, I hope to have more time. Hugs.

  6. Lucky daughter.Thanks for coming and for your comments.uma


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