Thursday, March 25, 2010

Alan's Farewell day in KG2

March 22nd was Alan's last day of the school year. They had a class party arranged in school. Usually on such party days, we-the mothers have to send 3 packets of snacks for our kid's friends. They will share it in school. Most probably Alan used to bring back home at least 2 packets each time complainig that there were enough snacks, nobody took more...

He was in the F-section of Indian school. Luckily he and his friends got the same teacher for their KG1 and KG2 - Ms. Subha Shetty. She is such a wonderful teacher... Alan & his dishum dishum friends used to trouble their mam a lot. Even then she loved and cared them very much. On the last day of their class, she was really upset and was in tears...

I sent with Alan a small handkerchief for his Mam as a humble gift from our side... Given a picture of the hanky below.

I completed it within one and half days... On 21st night I sat till  3am in the morning to finish the work, washed it and then kept it for drying. Then went to bed... I didnt get the exact font for the wordings first, then dropped the idea. Then my friend Maya gave me the idea of using Alan's handwriting for the wordings. It worked out on the next day since he was 'busy'. Although the work is not so satisfactory, I liked it -  Especially when my husbad had a glimpse of smile on his face when he saw the finished hanky. The work is not so neat... but even then I liked it...

Some more pictures of the individual flower pots.
Flower pot 1

Flower pot 2

Flower pot 3




  1. wow..that was a thoughtful thing to do to your kid's teacher...i'm sure she is going to treasure's so nice to use his handwriting for it..that was perfect..and your work is very neat and pretty

  2. I had gone through all your work here dear.
    This particular piece touched my heart.
    You had done a wounderful job.

  3. Viji, thanks for visiting my blog and your valuable comments.... really feeling happy.


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