Monday, May 16, 2011

Herringbone and Double Herringbone Stitches

Herringbone Stitch

To begin, bring the needle up in the lower line. Keep the thread below the needle. Insert the needle down on the upper line a little to the right. Take a small stitch to the left and bring the needle up. 

Now insert the needle on the lower line a little to the right  and take a small stitch to the left as done before. 
Repeat the steps to make enough herringbone stitches
Make sure that the stitches are of equal size and evenly spaced

Double Herringbone stitch

Now, we have made one row of herringbone stitch. Do another 
row of herringbone stitch in between the first row. You may use a contrast color thread for this. When you make the stitches, weave the thread under and over the first row.  The process of weaving in this manner is known as interlacing

Begin at the top line

Insert needle into the lower line, take a small stitch to left and 
bring up the needle.  Pass the needle under (the first herringbone's) thread.

Insert the needle in the upper line and make a stitch to the left. 
Bring up the needle.
Again, weave under the thread
Repeat the process to make a second  row of Herringbone stitch

The upper set is made with more spacing of stitches


  1. hi jisha...thats really nice tutorial on the stitch...easy and understandable.

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