Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kutchwork Tutorial - The 5 Point Diamond Motif (Maltese Cross) - Part II

Bring the needle up at the outward corner of the beginning and end of the maltese cross.  Keep in mind the following points. The thread always moves in a 'U' pattern.  Interlacing is done in an OVER-UNDER-OVER-UNDER manner. Unless at the beginning and end, never pierce the  fabric. Do not tighten the interlacing thread too much. 

As in the single diamond motif's interlacing begin interlacing the diamond 1. 

At this point we have to change the direction of the interlacing.  Remember that the thread should pass in a 'U' manner. See the below picture. Needle passes UNDER and enters the diamond 3.

OVER the next thread in the same direction.  We have to take a 'U ' turn. Enter into the 4th diamond.  Finish the interlacing in this diamond. 



Again reaches back to the diamond 3.  See the picture below. At diamond 3, enter into it as UNDER, then OVER to the opposite side. Again UNDER and reaches diamond 5. 

Complete the  interlacing in diamond 5.

Reaches back to the diamond 3.  Refer the picture below. At this point, as before, enter  as UNDER , then OVER to the opposite side. Again UNDER and reaches diamond 2. 

Complete the interlacing in diamond 2. Again reaches back to 3rd diamond. Pass the thread as UNDER, OVER (interlacing thread), UNDER(interlacing thread), OVER and UNDER (of 1st diamond).

We reached back to our beginning diamond 1. Have to complete the interlacing. 

See the back side of the Maltese cross.  During interlacing, as I said before, the needle never pierce the fabric unless at the beginning and end.

For the first few times, refer the tutorials to get the technique well, while outlining and interlacing. Do the maltese cross many times. Make sure that you can do it by yourself.  The next post will be on the Double Maltese Cross.  I am going for vacation . Will be back by the mid of July. I am not sure whether I could post it before July. 


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