Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kutch Work Tutorials

I am planning to upload some Kutchwork tutorials in my blog. There are many tutorials available in the internet. I tried some of them. I succeeded in doing the the basic diamond, 3 diamond and 5 diamond motifs. But when it reached The Double Maltese Cross , I was in trouble. After a gap of  few days, I will start again 'Learning Kutchwork'. Most of the time, I have to go through all the saved notes in my computer and try again and again to complete the three & five diamond motifs. I was fed up with this type of learning. May be, I was a bad student. I thought I could never learn the technique and remember it forever.

I have a friend - Maya who knows the Kutchwork well. She learned it from her neighbour Madhavi who is an expert in hand embroidery. With the help of her, I managed to learn the technique of kutchwork. And I am going to share all those simple simple techniques of Kutchwork with you. After you  master  basic diamond and  3 diamond &  5 diamond motifs, I think you won't need any further help to do more complex designs. Anyway, hope you will enjoy those lessons.

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